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Importance of Fingerprinting Services

This is the use of automated identification based on a unique feature such as the fingerprint. Every single human being has a different kind of fingerprint formation on every finger and different from everyone else. The use of fingerprint for verification began on the continent of Asia. In the 19th- century criminals were identified by their fingerprints making work easier for criminologists. Access control building was developed in 1970 which used fingerprints as their control measure.

Nowadays, fingerprint biometric is popular due to the need to provide more secure access to assets. Fingerprint identification works by looking for unique ridges present in an individual’s hand to identify every single individual. The reliability and accuracy of a fingerprint is present since they cannot be lost or stolen. With the kind of technological advancements being made daily, large organizations reap the benefits of fingerprinting. It can benefit them in different areas such as healthcare services, government, manufacturing industries, and universities. More effective monitoring of employees takes place in offices more accurately. Their attendance can be tracked using fingerprinting in organizations, prevention of theft and calculation of the number of hours an employee is in the office. The biometric industry is worth billions of dollars and it is still growing at a very fast rate. The benefits of fingerprinting will be pointed out below.

The government uses the fingerprint biometric to monitor all of its projects. You cannot compare the use of fingerprint technology to use of manual cards at all. Control of borders, voting and travels are being monitored by the government through the fingerprinting database. As a result of fingerprint identification, manual border checks have been eliminated making it more smooth and efficient in running border management. Fingerprinting facilitates smoother travels and provides a secure environment around the airport. A fingerprint identification works by replacing the physical identification card so there is no need for citizens to carry legal documents while traveling from place to place. A fingerprint-based system is used to create a database in given countries for the registration of voters.

Organizations make use of the biometric system experience full productivity from their employees as their office hours are monitored. A better payroll system can be put in place where the employees get payments for the number of hours they appeared in the office. Such measure encourages employees to be more productive at work as they are being monitored. Expenses used both manual records and making of plastics identifications cards are replaces with this system.

Another major industry that benefits from biometric fingerprinting is the banking sector. Customer data and financial records can be safely stored without any risk of being open by an unauthorized personnel. Customers can also conduct money transactions anywhere in the country without being insecure.

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