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Useful Tips to Help You Extend your Phone Battery

It is possible that due to the nature of your work, you spend much time on your phone or it is impossible to recharge your phone as frequently as you usually do. Depending on the intensity of power consumption of your phone’s open applications, it is probable that your phone’s battery power runs low within a short duration of time. Relax and read more to understand step by step guidelines to help you extend the battery of your phone right on this site.

When you start with disabling your phone’s location services, you position your phone to save on unnecessary power consumption and consequently increase its battery life, this service proves to be most helpful in the long-run. Applications that constantly ask to receive location information of your phone tend to consume vast amounts of power. When the GPS system is continuously running on your phone as a result of location service requests, your battery is depleted fast. You will extend your battery life by disabling location services from the phone settings menu.

The Bluetooth feature has the next high power consumption rate on your phone, disabling Bluetooth feature will help extend your phone’s battery substantially. Your phone continually searches for signals that are available to connect when the Bluetooth feature on your phone is on. Every time that your Bluetooth feature is not in use for transfer of files, please switch it off and your battery life will be extended. You disable Bluetooth feature in the settings of your phone to save large quantities of battery charge. To read more about how Bluetooth feature works on your phone, visit this company, its website has more info about how Bluetooth works.

Thirdly, please ensure that the setting, “background app refresh” is disabled. While you are busy doing things that matter most on your phone, the background refresh setting constantly refreshes your apps. To view here the steps you need to follow to disable the background app refreshing, click here.

One of the highest battery power consumers on your phone is the light brightness. From the settings, you can reduce the brightness level and enjoy your prolonged battery. To reduce the power consumption of your software, it is advisable that you keep them updated, click here to be directed to a webpage where you can update your software with much ease and convenience.

Reducing the auto-lock time on your phone helps to significantly lower the amount of power consumption and increase your battery life. When your phone stays inactive for a specified amount of time, the phone automatically locks its screen. It is of absolute necessity that you reduce your phone’s auto-lock time for you to save on power consumption and therefore extend time of use.