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The Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy In Men

Hormone replacement therapy can benefit men who have low levels of testosterone by reducing the risks of diabetes, heart disease among other diseases. The reasons for the decline of testosterone can be caused by a condition known as hypogonadism or due to age.
Normal levels of testosterone enable men to build muscle bulk, have good bone density, maintain red blood cells, enable male sexual development and reproductive function. Hormone replacement therapy should only be done with the recommendation of a doctor after they have examined a patient and seen that their testosterone levels are too low.
Topical testosterone gel, intramuscular testosterone injections, and testosterone patches are some of the ways that testosterone is administered to men. The injection is done after two or three weeks while the gel and patches must be applied daily.

Some of the minor side effects that one can get through the hormone replacement therapy includes acne, an increase in urination, and fluid retention. A patient who suffers from chest pain, blurry vision, infertility, a rise in the number of red blood cells, and other side effects should consult their doctor immediately.
Hormone replacement therapy can be suitable for young couples especially if they are having a hard time conceiving because a man can be able to have an increase in the sperm production. The benefits of hormone replacement therapy can be experienced by men who have low libido. Menopausal conditions for men such as fatigue, anxiety, diabetes, and depression can be reduced when men do hormone replacement therapy. Hormonal therapy can help with relief for menopausal men who have symptoms such as joint pains, low-energy, and memory loss.

Thorough testing must be carried out before any hormonal therapy is done to men who have concerns about their testosterone levels. Men who are a bit older cannot have their testosterone levels brought back to the same level like when they were young but they will get the hormone levels brought to a suitable level for their age.
Hormone imbalances can cause men to be very uncomfortable because they experience problems such as irritability, night sweats, erectile dysfunction, and urinary problems. Men who experience such symptoms can visit a physician who will be able to conduct hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy is done in hospitals and clinics. Another benefit of hormonal therapy is that it reduces men’s body fat, and increases their strength.

One should seek treatment early before they get severe problems that will be harder to treat later on. Hormone replacement therapy charges will vary from one hospital to another. It will also depend on the manner in which the hormonal therapy is administered to a patient.

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