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Create a Fun Mindfulness Education

It is said that mindfulness practices are embedded in the philosophy of Buddhism which is about practicing gratitude and the awareness of self through meditation, and this is where our mindfulness education starts. This simple concept works in the description of teaching the brain through any activity to concentrate on a certain thing and at the same time being void of any judgment at the present moment.

You may have observed that as a mindfulness trainer you will be amazed at how others are passionate and thoughtful of this practice, but they are also the same practitioners who are limited and trapped in how they practice this education.

Some trainers view the many activities in school like field trips, recess and so on can be made into mindful activities filled with the fun aspect. This means, children can still be active and heightened in their state of peacefulness even while playing words, numbers, music, colors, shapes, textures and smells. Therefore, some trainers are saying that learning is done best when there is a greater awareness of teaching and not only to meditate by paying attention.

The above contention is supported with the facts that kids prefer shortcuts, just like us, that they love games and remember most the things that make them laugh, and they pay attention to a process that will give way to their creative selves. Let us remember that children are very resourceful when it comes to the most insignificant concepts and objects if it comes to playing and giving them a free hand to play.

It is then urged by some mindful trainers to other teachers to make mindfulness training be a part in the classroom, and to do it with less serious approach but lighten the process enough to make education a more interesting process for the kids.

It is further explained by mindful trainers that mindfulness is about able to notice new things, to shift perspective and draw distinctions, and staying fully to the present, which for these mindful trainers are the very main reason of having fun.

Further, the above contention is based on the fact that having fun means to really live in the moment, and apparently, kids have in this case already the tendency to be mindful.

It is thus can be concluded that with some guidance, plenty of humor, and sparks of creativity, a good teacher can be well on their way to become mindful trainers, on the condition that they are having with the process.

It is fair to say that competition and excellence in education are already creating stress not only for children but also to parents, however, with the practice of mindful education, the impact of the stressful life will have a cushion in the field of mindful education.

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