How to Automate Award-Winning Emails to Grow Your Business

If you’re a professional with no emails marketing strategy, you could be missing out. In fact, email marketing should take precedence over other marketing channels. While email marketing may seem old school, it’s proven to be superior to other popular strategies, like advertisements and social media. Why? Award-winning quality emails regularly generate an average ROI of $44 for every dollar spent. But you don’t have to be an advanced email marketer to implement advanced strategies. In fact, virtually anyone can benefit from an email list. All you need is a solid sequence and a good strategy to achieve results. And you’ll continue to achieve results again and again with this one simple strategy: automation. You might be wondering if automation is worth the effort. If that’s the case, consider that open rates for triggered emails are a whopping 70.5% more than other types of email. By simply automating your sends, you can more than double the success of your emails. In short, email automation is the best marketing channel to ensure the growth of your business. This post will guide you, teaching you how to automate award-winning emails—the ones you’ve already written and the ones you have yet to write. Why You Need Email Automation Marketing automation can helps you achieve work done with minimal effort. It helps business owners to better maintain relationships with prospects or even inactive customers. Implementing an automated marketing system will allows your company to consistently and effectively communicate with customer based on their individual interests and past interactions. You will be able to reach new prospects and maintain current customers, hence saving time and money. The benefits of business growth potential with marketing automation offer unlimited opportunities for business owners. Marketing automation can help you grow your business by allowing you to reach your customers and prospects consistently. Automated marketing system also can convert your engagement from website visits to email campaign once you embedded an email sign-up form. Capturing an authentic list of names and email addresses through sign-up forms is an easy and effective way to be able to add interested user to your list. When you can reach them quick and consistent, they are more likely to stay engaged, so having an automated process in place is crucial to conversion. Implementing automated marketing features also save your time and add more benefit with analytics, so you can track every step of the process. You don’t need to create and send individual emails every time you communicate with prospects and customers, then you can use pre-scheduling automatic emails process. This nurture sequence means prospects won’t be forgotten. Re-engaging emails can even turn inactive customers into active buyers. Understanding Email Automation Unlike the occasional one-off email you might send to your readers, automated emails are sent based on specific triggers, like dates, signups, and customer behavior. This may sound difficult, but it’s actually a very simple investment. By automating emails, readers and prospects will often receive your messaging (but with very little work on your part). To invest in automation, simply seek out a trustworthy email service provider that can simplify this process for you. How to Automate Award-winning Emails in 5 Simple Steps Automation isn’t exactly a secret, and yet, not all businesses are using it. And those forgoing smart email tactics could miss the 4.1 billion strong market email marketing provides. But before you send award-winning emails, there’s some groundwork you need to cover first. 1. Know Your Target Audience The most powerful aspect of email automation is the ability to send personalized emails to your subscribers. Of course, in order to do this, you have to know your audience. Getting to know your target audience is simple. One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to gather information about your audience is by reading comments on your website or social media pages. Comments are a great way to learn what readers are looking for and how you can improve your product or service. Other ways to understand your target audience include (but aren’t limited to): Surveys Studying your competitors Gathering statistics Once you gather information about your potential customers, write educational content that both promotes your business and actually helps your customers. Depending on how much information you’ve gathered, you can also begin segmenting your list based on age, gender, and other demographics. By sending personalized content to individual segments, your messages will meet the goals of all award-winning emails: They’ll increase in opens and in clicks. 2. Set Goals Most companies share the same goal of growing business and increasing revenue. Increasing revenue is cut and dry, but what does it mean to grow your business? Success is different for every company, so consider what success means for you. Set specific goals for your business, and by extension, your email

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