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Read This Guide to Determine If You Have a Rat Problem
Well there are different kinds of pests that can cause trouble in the home and one of them is rats. In this guide you will know what signs to watch out for to know if there are rats causing trouble in your home. This guide will help you know if you have a rat problem. Aside from that this guide will also motivate you to do something about the problem immediately so that the damage they cause will not become bigger.
1. Stench
When there are a few rats in the house there will be a certain funky smell. Then the more rats there are in the home it will follow that there will be a greater stench as a result of that. The smell will be like that of ammonia. If you find that there is already something funky smelling or smelling like ammonia in your house then maybe you need to check if there are already rats there and do something about it.
Sounds During the Night
If you suddenly hear sounds in different parts of your home that was not there previously then those may be rats. You may hear them coming from your ceiling. They can be likened to small scratching sounds. Rats tend to cause sounds at night because they are in a flurry during this time.
A sure fire way to tell if there are already rats in a house is because you can see the droppings that are there. If you dont know how their droppings look like you can easily find out about that online. Then you need to notice if you find any of these on your floors and cupboards.
4. Chewed Stuff
If you suddenly find things in your house that seem to have been chewed then rats could be the culprit to that. Rats can chew on furnishings and clothes as well. So if you find that some of your clothes have been chewed on then you need to get rid of those rats fast.
Snack Trails
It is a known fact that when rats are inside you will find there scraps and crumbs. If you find a lot of these things in your house then you could have a rat infestation in your hands.
In order to build themselves a nest rats use different stuff. If you stumble on a pile of junk that is hiding in plain sight this may be the nest of the rats that have taken up residence in your house.
7. Strange Pet Behavior
Dogs have an uncanny ability to know if there are rats that they are sharing the house with. If you suddenly see your dog chasing something or barking at something in your house it could be rats.
8. Seeing a Rat
When you see one then of course you know that you need to deal with it. Now that you have done with this guide it is now time to look for these signs in your place.