Business Is Solutions have gone Mobile

Think of how terrible this situation really is! Yes, you have a business IS. Yes, all the computers solutions within your offices are running them. Nothing at all should change about this. Keep in mind that employees have miniature computers jingling around inside their pockets these days; their cell phones. Cell phones run apps, keep following here, your business IS should offer app versions from now on! It’s as simple as that.


No more Equipping Field Employees with Hardware Solutions

The days of equipping your field employees with the hardware necessary to run the IS are gone forever now. We’ve covered that above, it’s inside of their pockets. Most IS developers allow customers to access their mobile apps for either no, or very little, additional investment. You could literally be running an IS that has a mobile element right now. Implement one! It’s not just the field employees that you want using the app either.

Certain In-House Departments can also Benefit from this Sort of Action

Yes, warehouse workers typically have desktop systems to access. What about mobile field service management applications for them too? Why not get them going with an app, however? This way they have an IS device to access no matter where they are in the warehouse! Such an app would certainly benefit warehouse workers within an environment that is logistics heavy. As long as the employee is carrying his phone as he works, he can access information from the supply line as a point of reference. Having a point of reference to rely on at all times will also build your employee’s confidence and improve their performance (albeit, indirectly.)

Get Everybody on Board by not Hiding the Weaknesses

Listen, if you want to get everybody on board with the app version, don’t ignore the app version’s weaknesses (should they even exist.) We all know that app versions sometimes have little inconveniences or items that don’t transfer over as perfectly as we had intended solutions. As an end user, you’re still saving an incredible amount of time even when you double check your entries! Because of this, start doing it.

Share any mobile version weaknesses with your team and then you can all discuss your favorite workarounds. Making app talk a big part of company culture talk and language is important. Get everybody talking about and using it. Get everybody to discuss all the aspects; the good, hence the bad, and even the ugly. Even mobile tech fudge ups (auto correct, wrong items selected on touch and etc.) can’t slow down the productivity of a team that all has IS access just a pocket away!

While there are Technically more than Two Mobile OS Options, make sure the Basics are Covered!

You want to be certain that your companies IS runs on IOS and Android! These two are a must as they now account for 99% of the entire mobile industry! All of your employees are likely to be holding onto one of these types of phones. I wouldn’t be super concerned with most business IS options not having a mobile Microsoft option. Remember, hence they already did a desktop version!

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