What you Should Know About Telecom and TEM

Telecom is a complex world that spans far more than verbal communication.

Telecommunications refers to how all communication travels, not just voice, and the vehicles with which they use. The concept of telecommunications includes also includes images, video, music, and so on. It is any form of communications multiple people can use that uses technology.


The vehicles of telecommunication include everything that works to help transmit the message, whether that be software or hardware, including email platforms and cellular networks.

In fact, technically speaking, telecommunications has always referred any form of transmitted communication. The name telecom became glued to the notion of voice communications preceding the internet revolution, and its association to this specific form of communication stuck.

History of Telecommunications

Telecommunications has always been involved with human evolution starting with beacons, smoke signaling, and carrier pigeons. In the 20th century, telecommunications took a great leap forward with the invention of wired and wireless communication via electrical and electromagnetic signals. Today, telecommunications has penetrated every part of modern society with the popularity of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other intelligent communication devices.

With this surge in the way we communicate both professionally and personally, and the platforms available in which to do so, a need has emerged within the business environment to effectively manage all these tools for communication.

This is where telecom management lies. This term may seem daunting, as it requires a ton of coordination between multiple platforms. As it involves both traditional Information Technology and telecommunication lines, the delineation between the two has become blurred as the two technologies have increasingly intermingled to effectively send the message in whatever form, to whoever needs it, by whatever means necessary.

Communication Jobs

The duties of telecom management can be quite unique. It stretches over any communication medium including phones and computers. And all the applications these vehicles use to communicate including texting and social media. It involves everything from equipment to finance to maintenance to updates.

Telecom management works to ensure effective communication throughout the organization by whatever necessary means. The effectiveness of telecom management has a direct impact on the success of any business. Telecom management maintains a healthy relationship with vendors that provide quality services. And in turn, help a company succeed into the future. But, the goal of effective communication can sometime easier said than met.

Email platforms may require one solution while cell phone plans and carriers require separate communication with a separate vendor. Telecom management also deals with traditional communication like wired phones and fax machines. Hence it tries to integrate it to the newest and fastest technological vehicles that are always changing. It’s all quite random and depends on what occurs within the various communicating vehicles each day and the type of business that needs to be catered to.


Ever since the beginning of human evolution, the way we communicate has changed drastically. The many different ways to communicate brings a need for effective technological management. It can only be imagined the different ways we’ll communicate in the future. And in turn how telecom management will grow and expand.

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