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How Kid-Friendly Search Engines Benefit Your Children

One of the challenges of parents today is to weigh the pros and cons of giving their kids Internet freedom. Parents do understand that limiting their children’s Internet access is tantamount to controlling their ability to learn and develop. On the other hand, there is the ever-present risk of exposure to threats and information they are simply not ready to handle. In such a scenario, kid-friendly search engines come in handy.

The following are five big reasons to let your children use only kid-friendly search engines from now on:

Cyber Protection

Cybercrime is a gigantic trade. Organizations created to perpetrate cybercrime use wretched means to bank on people’s bad Internet habits. A recent survey shows that the number of cybercrime victims since 2015 has climbed to 689 million. As a child’s developing brain quests to learn more, they may end up on websites that encourage risky online behavior, such as unknowingly revealing too much personal information, which could spell danger for themselves and people around them.

Time Management

Spending too much time online, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, is not only a huge waste of time but also a reason to develop poor posture, eyesight, and sleeping habits, not to mention it leads to a serious lack of physical activity in children. As a parent, promote a healthy lifestyle by making sure that your children spend screen time only in worthwhile places online – something kid-friendly search engines can certainly help with.

Online Repute

When children go to unsafe places online, they may be exposed to scammers that can eventually harm them or the family. ). A kid-friendly search engine can help you take at least one measure to preserve your child’s online reputation by restricting their Internet searches to safe places.

Data Storage

As your children will likely use the Internet for their projects and assignments, they will need a safe and reliable place in which to back up all their data. The good news is a lot of kid-friendly search engines offer storage services. And because these search engines rarely, if at all, connect with unsafe websites, stored materials are automatically safer too.

Online Etiquette

Finally, being a parent in this digital era, you have to help your child steer through the Internet using the same etiquette they are expected to practice in the real world. They need to understand that good behavior is a must, online or offline. An easy way to do this is to use kid-friendly search engines, which use necessary filters to ensure that your children can only access websites that observe good cyber etiquette.

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