Z-Alert: The Modern Breakthrough Required for Disaster Risk Mitigation

Z-Alert: The Modern Breakthrough Required for Disaster Risk Mitigation

When natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or landslides occur, there is no great technology that can stop it all. His name is also the power of nature, no one can be sure. Likewise with other disasters such as accidents, or fires, we can never definitely predict when it will happen. Then the best thing we can do is to mitigate the level of risk of damage and losses that can be generated. For more information you can visit : https://www.softteco.com/
Remember, the inherent risk of any kind of disaster, whatever it is, can’t be eliminated completely. But we can make efforts to minimize the risks and losses that potentially arise from the disaster. And the Z-Alert app offered by Zurich Insurance Indonesia is one of the contemporary breakthroughs that I think is mandatory to have on our smartphones (currently available to Jakarta residents).


Risk Management

The existence of a risk management instrument such as Z-Alert will allow us to avoid the mistakes that can actually make the losses we experience from a greater disaster. The one that happened to Suci, one of my colleagues in Kebayoran Baru area, South Jakarta, a few years ago. It ignores the practical effort of disaster risk response that results in enormous financial losses. For more info you can visit https://www.softteco.com/services/ui-ux-design
When buying his first car at the time, Suci was offered an insurance program for vehicle protection. However, because like most Indonesians who are still not used to insurance services, Suci also ignore it and assume will be able to bear any loss that will befall him in the future. The same thing he did when he got an offer of life insurance. He chose to ignore it.

Anyway, 2013 is one of those years in which Jakarta was hit by an unusually severe flood. I was so bad even when the complex area of ​​the State Palace was flooded to as high as SBY’s own calf. And at the time of that incident, my friend, Suci, was on his way from Bandung. At that time Suci relied solely on information from the radio on the way home.

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