Are You Picking The Right Host For Your Website?

One of the biggest contentions of every site owner is finding the right hosting provider. It is as good as having the right business partner, because, no matter how good your website is, it would all be meaningless without the appropriate hosting environment. A robust hosting infrastructure is a foundation for a high performing website.

Are You Picking The Right Host For Your Website?

If you are a site owner looking for a hosting partner or shifting from one hosting platform to another, then you might want to ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you are choosing the right host.

Will they guarantee a 99% uptime?

No matter what the size and domain of your business are, you cannot afford downtime on your website. Except for the 1% downtime for maintenance and exigencies, your hosting server must be up and running at all times, guaranteed by your provider. Otherwise, it can lead to dropped traffic, lower search engine page rankings, and even bad reputation among your users.

How about faster loading time?

Higher the page loading speed, the higher the rate of conversion. This is highly applicable to online businesses. The loading speed, however, could be determined by the bandwidth that your host offers, the kind of server operating system they use, and so on. You might want to opt for VPS Hosting, which is not only efficient in its performance but also uses resilient hardware resources.

Can you avail of the latest site features?

This is largely applicable for e-commerce sites, which need more than basic hosting services. They need to be constantly upgraded with the latest applications, security features, data protection, and other marketing tools. Ensure that your hosting provider is able to offer you all this and with relevant associated services, so your site continues to function smoothly.

Is the website security level up to your expectations?

Your website data is highly valuable, and while it is your responsibility to do your best to safeguard user and business data on your site, it is also the responsibility of your hosting provider to do the same. Learn about the security tools that your host offers and if they can customize the security levels based on your needs. Also check if, in case of any major hack, there are ways to counteract the threats with advanced measures.

Do they provide resource scalability?

This might not be a pertinent question if ou are just launching your website, but soon, when your traffic flow increases, you would need to make provisions. Your hosting provider should be able to accommodate any kind of traffic spike and manage it with the right resources. For a smoother upgrading of resources, opt for VPS hosting, which allows you easier scalability of your server resources without any disruption to your ongoing website function or your current server setup.

Summing up…

Your website performance will reflect the kind of service your hosting provider offers. Only when you have satisfactory answers to the above questions, you will be able to make a well-informed decision. Always do your own research, get reviews from fellow site owners, and find the most suitable hosting service for your site.

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