Renting Laptops

The inescapable laptops requirement that people interact with technology in this modern era has proven to be quite a challenge for low-income families. However, with online job applications and email communications, there is a dwindling margin of companies. They who are no longer offering paper applications or person to person talks about opportunities.


For many, it’s not an option to go to a public library and get on a desktop for just an hour at a time. It’s much simpler to get on public Wi-Fi with a device of one’s own, but the average laptop can cost anywhere from $300 to $1500. On top of that, technology becomes outdated within six months of release, and a computer’s lifespan tends to be in the five to six-year range. With these factors in mind, investing in a computer could be more trouble than it’s worth. This doesn’t even account for the possible accidents which may occur with a computer that a warranty doesn’t cover.

A Laptops Market Arises

While payment plans are available for technology, there is still a market for renting laptops. This doesn’t just help low-income individuals looking to step up and seek out better opportunities. It helps growing businesses as well.

If you were to go to a big-name company hiring event. You would come upon a room full of laptops where you would apply for the job. Perform additional tests to see if the job is a good choice for you. And then you would receive a series of schedules for you to pick and choose from. Next thing you know, you start working. This is made possible by the technology provided to you during the application process. Rental laptop computers make it a viable option for departments to host events such as these. Instead of purchasing and maintaining a large amount of technology that could fall apart in a matter of years, months, or even weeks, laptops can be delivered to an event, used specifically for that event, and then returned to the rental company. It’s all the benefits of renting an apartment or house but in technology form.

This may also prove to be a beneficial thing for students, who may require technology during the school year but not so much over the summer. State testing is a stressful time. Especially when students are force to use the very same laptops that have had gum stuck to them. And keys plucked off over the course of the years they’ve been in the school.

Limited Drawbacks

Drawbacks to renting are fairly similar across the board. The piece of property isn’t truly yours, and cost can be just as high as actually buying that property. However, the advantages remain consistent. You can return the property when you’re finish with it, and if you maintain it as well, there’s no issue. As long as you are using the equipment properly, the benefits to renting far outweigh the drawbacks.

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