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Several Conditions that Affects Feet and How They are Treated

Typically, human foot is made up of hundreds of tendons and ligaments, 33 joints, as well as 26 bones. Normally, the use of human legs is to carry them through their life. Nonetheless, the same humans do not offer the feet the care they should be getting. Apart from wearing the proper footwear, and keeping your feet clean as well as dry, there are other essential things you require to do to promote healthy feet. It is vital to know that even the most diligent individuals are vulnerable to popular foot issues. Here are several common foot condition, as well as their treatments.

One of the common condition on the human foot is athlete’s foot. Typically, this foot condition grows between the foot toes and its effects is irritation and itching. It is advisable to the sufferers to be careful because this condition can spread and finally emerge to pain. There are many ways in which you can develop athletes foot, and the popular ones are a gym, pool, and a shower. This is the areas where people walk barefoot and easily spread the fungal infection. For the sake of treating athlete’s foot, the sufferers are advised to deliberate wearing open shoes to help and let the air in. Also, consider to keep your feet always dry, invest in antifungal treatments and avoid walking barefooted.

Another condition that is known to affect the feet is the blisters. These are sacks with a fluid which can either be on the side of the foot or at the back of the heel and are caused either by irritation or friction. As common as they may be, it is good to remember that wearing improper shoes is the main source of bunions. They can come as a result of worn out socks, too tight shoes, shoes of uncomfortable material can all be causes of blisters. It is advisable to allow them to dry by themselves which can take between three and seven days.

The other foot condition is the ingrown toenails which are common and mostly painful. The sure way of preventing the toenails is by ensuring the straight across cutting of nails. Clipping the toenails is something you need to do from time to time and the adequate time is after your shower. This is the appropriate time since the nails have been softened by the water. It is wise to look for medical attention once you discover an infection on your toenails.

Another foot infection is bunions which have affected around 23% of the people that are between the age of 18 and 65. Keep away from both the boots and heeled shoes after you not bunions on your feet.