Surprising Things to Know About the Cannabis Market

At present only two states in the whole of the U.S. legally allow recreational use of cannabis market. Cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, is available in numerous other states but only as a form of medication. It is prospect that eventually the rest of the U.S. will legalize cannabis, but that future is still a long way off. So, for most legal recreational use of hash is akin to visiting Disneyland. They have to travel to the places where it is allowed and partake of the experience, then return to their homes with fond memories. In this regard there are actually a lot of things people can do in cannabis legal zones. Here are some things most people do not know about the cannabis market.


There are 420 Hotels

A 420 hotel is a lodging establishment that is legally licensed to allow its patrons to toke up. In legal states like Washington there are still rules and regulations for cannabis usage and sale. One chief rule is you cannot smoke pot in public places. You have to go to legally licenses establishments or the privacy of your own home. For many visitors to Washington they do not have a home there, so a 420 hotel provides that private space they need to enjoy cannabis.

It has its own Software

The cannabis industry is big enough to garner its own software. Its known as cannabis seed-to-sale software and it labels, manages, and tracks cannabis products in keeping with state-based regulations. This allows operating a cannabis business a whole lot easier. As every state has laws focus on the transportation of marijuana it is important for every bud of product leaving a store to be trace. The software also has other uses that fully optimize a business but the tracking option is a key feature. Medical marijuana is much like prescription drugs and it is important for companies to know where their product is at all times.

There are Cannabis Events

The cannabis culture is much like any other and has its own personality. Wine enthusiasts go to tastings, beer aficionados go to breweries, and bud lovers to dispensaries to try different strains. They also do things like art, yoga, and massages. In recreational friendly areas there are a slew of cannabis-related events one can take advantage of. There are even tours one can go on like the Weed Bus. The tours take you to special events where cannabis is celebrated, educated, and also enjoyed.

They Have Their Own Budtenders Market

A budtender is an affectionate term for a dispensary agent. They are present in any store that sells ganja. A dispensary agent is verse on the market, the laws, the various uses, and the strains available. They can tell you everything you need to know about the weed your buying. Its medical purposes, its after effects, hence its point of origin, and anything else. Budtenders are proficient in all medical aspects as many dispensaries are located in medical-only areas.

The Technology That Runs the Business Behind the Scenes