The Benefits of Using Technology to Boost Customer Service

Technology has been a life saver in the retail world. Finding the right way to get inside the customer’s head is key to giving them better service. Better service ultimately means more sales. The business becomes a success, just by valuing customers, and it all makes sense. The benefits of using technology to improve customer service includes gaining honest feedback, seeing what really sells, and finding a competitive edge.


Gaining Honest Feedback

Technology gives us the ability to do several things. One of the main things is the ability to survey our customers and see what they like or dislike about our service, product, or retail store. If our store is online, we can even survey the customer about ease of use of the website. In order to keep customers coming back, simplicity is key. At times we have to place ourselves in our customers’ shoes and see what we like. If we don’t enjoy an ad popping up every few minutes to upsell us, then we know it’s a distraction for customers as well. The last thing we want to do is cause them to lose interest in buying from us.

Seeing What Really Sells

Technology allows us to analyze the sales of all of our products. A failing product can mean poor store placement, lack of awareness and marketing, or simply a poor product. Customers that have experienced the product before can weigh in on what is really happening with the product. If the majority of our customers don’t know about the product or haven’t really tried it, then we know the issue is probably lack of awareness or poor marketing. If the customers say the product doesn’t work or find it to be a waste of time and effort, then we knew the product has failed. All of this can be discovered through technology, analyzing what is going on the product.

Finding A Competitive Edge

Using technology can also be a good way to find out how competitors are doing. The same customer surveys can have questions about products versus competitors. Direct questions can be asked to see what customers prefer and why. Once we try to figure out what is causing our own product to fail, we can try to fix it. This is not always possible. Sometimes you have to drop the product and go in a different direction. The good news is you’ll always have customer experience statistics to rely on. These statistics keeps you aware of what’s going well and what is failing in your company.

Customer feedback is important to your company’s bottom line. Knowing about something gives you the ability to change it, and even advertise that you’ve changed it. Customers that have tried you once would probably try you again if they know you’ve made effort to improve. Technology is the machine that makes this all possible. Otherwise we would be blindly trying to create and sell, not knowing what the customer really needs. Technology improves customer service by getting honest feedback, showing us what is selling, and allowing us to gain a competitive edge.

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