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Patching to Prolong the Life of Your Jeans

Most people love wearing jeans. You might be someone who wears jeans all the time. But jeans can wear down and fray over time. Despite this, you should not throw your jeans away or keep it in storage. If your jeans have tears or holes in them, then you can easily patch them up. Patching your jeans will allow you to wear it for many more years. Below are the simple steps in patching up your jeans.

Before actually patching up your jeans, you need to make sure that all the materials are available. The materials include: thread in a color that you like, a sewing machine or sewing needles if you will sew by hand, scissors, a patch of any fabric that you want, and pins.

You need to first look for the torn places in your jeans. Check the area around the tear to see if it is already worn out. The way to check this out is to hold this up to the light. You can know if the cloth is worn out then the light passes through the fabric. Some jeans that are not longer fit for use can be used as patching material.

Clean up the area that you will patch. Clean the tear by removing all threads that are loose and treads that will get in the way of sewing. If there are worn areas around the tear, you need to remove it.

Look for an extra fabric that will be your patch. Let your patch extend the edge of the hole by half an inch. The looks of the patch will be your decision. If you dont want the mending to be seen, then the fabric should be as close to the jeans as possible. Your patch should mesh in color and texture with the original. Patches can be made in different shapes and colors. It takes creativity to create great looking patches for your jeans.

Secure the patch with pins. The pins should be put on the half inch allowance of the patch. The pins should be able to go through your patch and the jean fabric. These pins will help steady the patch when you are sewing.

Then with your sewing machine or if you are sewing by hand, sew around the patch. You simply need to follow the edges of the patch and leave a small space outside your stitches. Remember to pull out the pins so you dont sew on them. You can check out this website if you want to find the right sewing equipment.

IF you do the mending or patching yourself, then you can choose how you want your jeans to look. If you patch your jeans, then you can wear it for more years.

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