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Advantages of Renting Mobile Dewatering Equipment

Making a decision whether you should buy or rent dewatering equipment have serious implications, which is both for immediate expenditures and for the long-term cost of ownership. There are also some instances where buying the needed dewatering equipment immediately rather than having to rent it, which makes the most logistical and the most financial sense.

For a lot of the companies, renting equipment rather than having to purchase them will give you some big advantages which can in fact be very beneficial. For some companies that are facilitating different spectrum of industrial projects with de-watering needs or companies who have sporadic needs for a dewatering equipment, the option of renting equipment is a good option. There are in fact different benefits that can be acquired from the process.

There are No Capital Outlay

The case of buying dewatering equipment is a more expensive capex spend. The rented units in fact are not added to the balance sheet of the company and are also fully deductible as a company expense. The cash flow as well as not adversely affected by the renting pumps because there are no large capital outlay.

Also, there are no depreciation on equipment because the contractor will simply return the pump to the company of which it has rented it from after the pumping portion of contract is complete.

Have Availability Immediately

There are also so many fleets of submersible drainage and dewatering, sludge and slurry pumps that are available. This means that you have immediate access on the best possible solution for the needs of your project. Such convenience in fact will bring low logistical demands and you will get an immediate solution.

Less Downtime because of Maintenance

At the time of the maintenance cycle, to make sure that you have safe operation of pump equipment on the peak performance levels or on inspections, repair and testing downtime, their different fleet simply means that a unit swap-out can easily be done and they have a 24/7 technical support, which means that repairs can be easily be affected.

Low on Running Cost

Owning a pump always means that there’s an added cost to it. There are some hidden costs like labour costs, maintenance, spares and training. But if you will rent dewatering equipment from a professional rental company, they will handle all the requirements of maintenance of the equipment. The maintenance is also built to your lease agreement. Another thing is that they offer an on-site operating training for your team. This means that you have the control on your project costs a lot better.

Have Flexibility

The projects also are never static. With the rental units, you have flexibility in swaping pumps, especially on environments to where the pump requirements are changing when the project progress.

Effective Logistically

The transportation of dewatering equipment can in fact be expensive and can be challenging as well. However, they have removed such challenge through handling on the transport of the equipment to your site and assume the liability for it.

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